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Client Testimonials

I would be glad to give you my highest recommendation.

Amarillo Police Department

Just wanted to pass along that we love the truck. Great job on
the design and assembly!

Redstone Arsenal - MSS

This project was a home run out of the park. We have had so much PR on this we are feeling real good about the product.


Thank you for everything & for an outstanding product!

Washington County

We truly love our mobile branch and can serve our members at many remote base locations. We park the mobile branch at various venues as requested by the base and just use the ATMs to provide funding for the event.

Pacific Marine Credit Union

A big THANK YOU goes out to our friends with MBF Industries, Inc. for manufacturing this mobile! This is the second one we have ordered over the past few years and you truly outdid yourselves in quality, innovation and customer service.

Marsh Regional

Just wanted to give you some feedback on our HOT BLOODED purchase we made with MBF. We are completely satisfied, the vehicle has had zero issues since we put it in service.

Just wanted to say thank you!


2010 FEMA Heavy Duty Mobile Command Center
New bloodmobile for Marsh Regional to assist Tri-Cities area's only locally based blood supplier
NBC CT Spotlight for Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union Mobile Branch



DHS has been rethinking priorities since 2004. The process picked up steam last July, when new DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff announced a six-point agenda to make DHS more responsive to changing threats. It called for: (1) improved preparedness, especially for catastrophic events; (2) better transportation security systems for people and cargo; (3) stronger border security, visa enforcement, and immigration reforms; (4) enhanced information sharing with partners; (5) improved department management; and (6) a DHS reorganization to implement these changes.

Chertoff said the reorganization would give the department a greater sense of urgency and improve coordination and information-sharing. The remake also appears an effort to stamp a single identity on DHS's 22 separate agencies.

Many of the changes consolidated power at the department's executive levels. A new Operations Directorate oversees DHS's response to new intelligence. The new Policy Directorate takes over this function from the Border and Transportation Security Directorate. A new Office of Intelligence and Analysis ensures that all field information goes to all relevant agencies.

Chertoff also transformed the old Information Analysis and Infrastructure Directorate into the new Preparedness Directorate. It now has responsibility for state and local government grants, training, exercises, cyber security, infrastructure protection and response to biological attacks.


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