Specialty Vehicle Company is currently seeking ambitious individuals to join our team. We have been in the custom vehicle manufacturing business for almost 30 years. Our quality standards surpass what is normally accepted in the industry. It is the passion for perfection that drives us to exceed our client’s expectations and create valuable long-life vehicles for each of our customers.

We offer weekly competitive pay, 401k, medical insurance and an incentive program. We are a custom vehicle manufacturer, not an assembly line, and we have contracts with some of the leading Aerospace, Banking, and Medical companies in the U.S. Great care and pride go into the products we produce and we are seeking like-minded individuals. We are located in Sanford, FL, not far from Seminole Town Center.

Please browse our website at www.mbfindustries.com to see what it is we do.

  • Unlock office door in the am/turn on lights
  • Ensure conference room is clean and fridge is stocked.
  • Ensure all binders are up-to-date with procedures/forms.
  • Update the VIN Log as new chassis come in and others leave.
  • Update the Chassis Weight Log as trucks leave.
  • Place lunch orders and pick-up orders as necessary for both Monster Meetings and Client Meetings.
  • Run errands as necessary, i.e. picking up/dropping off shirt orders, etc.
  • Order office supplies as necessary.
  • Update the phone log
  • Planning Quarterly Events
  • Making travel arrangements for Employees, as necessary.
  • Get mail, distribute as necessary.
  • Put together shipments and drop off at the mailbox, UPS, FedEx boxes as needed.
  • Notify purchasing when water, candy, etc. supplies are getting low.
  • Add funds to Stamp machine as necessary.
  • Update Production Schedule as necessary.
  • Turn on/off Warehouse TV’s on a weekly basis.
  • Water plants, if necessary.
  • Put up/take down holiday decorations.
  • Ordering Christmas Hams and Thanksgiving Turkeys
  • Ensure funds are readily available in TitleTec and SunPass.
  • Ordering Temp Tags as necessary.
  • Put together Raffle lists for Xmas party
  • Update Company voicemail, as needed
  • Schedule IT assistance as necessary
  • Schedule vendors to come on-site to do quotes, as necessary
  • Schedule quarterly harness checks
  • Schedule quarterly roof cleanings
  • Schedule annual fire and sprinkler testing
  • Schedule office ‘deep cleaning’ around the shutdown
  • Take checks to bank for deposit, as necessary
  • Processing Recall Notices
  • Renew dealer license, annually
  • Renew dealer license tags, annually
  • Answer and direct all incoming calls appropriately.
  • Answer and/or direct all incoming emails appropriately.
  • Create Agendas for all client meetings.
  • Create binders for clients to use in the meetings.
  • Put together all closing binders for projects.
  • Ensure all documents are correct and signed off on.
  • Set up new job binders for job bookcase and management as projects come in.
  • Ensure USB key is ready for final delivery.
  • Ensure a greeting is on the TV when Clients arrive
  • Obtaining all documents needed to process DMV Titles, etc.
  • Making travel arrangements for Clients, as necessary.
  • Email Warranty Start Forms to Vendors
  • Schedule E-Blasts
  • Obtain the video/pictures to incorporate in the flyers.
  • Pull active/prospect reports and clean up as necessary to submit for E-Blast.
  • Update client accounts on Salesforce as necessary.
  • Verify photoshoots are scheduled.
  • Take pictures of all trucks.
  • Clean up pictures.
  • Order business cards.
  • Send out testimonial forms and thank you packages to our clients upon truck completions.
  • Take specific truck shots/down load pictures onto server per Sales request.
  • Updating Reference Sheet as trucks leave
  • Updating the Server to reflect current forms needed for marketing (i.e., W-9, COI, etc.)
  • Update Marketing Calendar monthly to reflect E-Blast results
  • Take progress pics of trucks
  • Take pics of employees
  • Work on implementing Instagram.
  • Create flyers for the wall as trucks leave
  • Order Marketing Lists, as needed
  • Monitoring website to ensure trucks are uploaded and wording is correct
  • Ensure all employees files are up-to-date and secure.
  • On a yearly basis, ensure new forms are filled out.
  • Aide in the picking out of new yearly benefit packages.
  • Creating offer letters as necessary.
  • Ensuring all new hire documents are filled out.
  • Imputing new hires into Paylocity.
  • Updating Employee Roster.
  • Processing Review paperwork.
  • Processing Payrate changes paperwork.
  • Sending out FMLA letters, as necessary.
  • Updating Holiday Calendar
  • Updating Management monthly as to upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, probationary period completions.
  • Place Job Ads as necessary.
  • Vet job candidates.
  • Schedule interviews.
  • Making Sign in Sheets for Safety Meetings
  • Filing workers comp injuries
  • Yearly reporting to OSHA
  • Pulling Employee Reports as needed.
  • Semi-monthly, verify all employee benefit deductions match bills
  • Update Employee O/O/O requests onto calendar
  • Set new hires phone system up
  • Verify company inventory with necessary employees
  • Yearly order labor law posters
  • Forwarding any employee ‘call-outs’ to managers
  • Record 1095 information, annually; hand outs to employees and IRS

Back up Accounting, as necessary.

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