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MBF Industries, Inc. | Mobile Branch Facilities, based in Central Florida, designs and manufactures mobile banking vehicles. As financial institutions face the challenge of providing their customers with the latest in technology and personalized service, a mobile banking vehicle is a cost effective alternative delivery system.

The company founded in 1992 by John Baker, President, has seen a significant increase in the domestic and international market with customers in China, Bosnia, Korea, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

MBF's Recent Customers

  • SunTrust Banks
  • PNC Banks
  • Star Bank
  • State Empl. CU, MD
  • Whitney Bank
  • Huntington Banks
  • Parda FCU
  • Banco Popular
  • Bk of Guam
  • Ridgewood Saving
  • First Union
  • Shawmutt Bank
  • Riverside Bank
  • Southside Bank
  • State Empl. CU, NC

Global Standards

We recognize the special design requirements for individual markets. MBF is experienced in meeting non-USA electrical requirements, international shipping, special vehicle designs, satellite communications and the installation of armor protection.

Additionally, through our worldwide service network, you can be assured of our ability to provide support services that maybe required.

MBF's proprietary cellular high speed data communications system can be utilized in most countries.

The 7-Day-A-Week Branch

The "Mid-Size" combines the benefits of a Mobile "ATM" for weekend events with a private banking office for "on-site" visits during the week.

On Week Days: Promote new account drives to targeted large employee groups, retirement parks, apartment complexes, sub-divisions, military bases and college campuses. Or utilize during a branch remodel or new construction.

On Weekends: Utilize the ATM to provide cash dispensing services at football & basketball games, golf tournaments, races, art shows, fairs, and other civic/community events. Promote "on-site" loan services at auto, boat and RV shows.

Mobile Banking Applications

At 75% less than the cost of a conventional branch, a Mobile Branch Facility can deliver personalized services to multiple locations with the same staff.

Remote Branch: Some markets do not cost justify the +$1,000,000 expense for a traditional brick and mortar branch. Mobile banking can provide a cost effective method to service smaller or targeted markets.

Targeted Market Branch Replacement: One client uses their Mobile Branch at the same location, six days a week. The mobile unit is the branch! If the location isn't successful ... just move to another ... you will never be at the wrong location.

CRA: Service low to moderate income areas on weekdays. Provides a visible banking presence with a lower facility cost for underserved markets. Utilize the mobile unit at other locations on weekends to provide ATM services at special events.

Disaster Recovery: Provide immediate disaster recovery capabilities. All vehicles are totally self-contained for power, security and wireless communications. A mobile unit can be an integral part of your institution's Disaster Recovery Plan.

Branch Closing: Before closing an unprofitable branch ... consider a mobile branch as an alternative. Less facility cost translates into lower overhead. Service two locations with the same Mobile Branch and the same staff.

SEGS (Select Employer Groups): Solicit new accounts "on-site" reinforce existing member relationships and educate on available telephone banking services.

Remodeling: The mobile branch can provide "on-site" banking services during remodeling projects. With less employee and customer safety concerns, remodeling can be completed quicker, easier, and can save you money.

Target Major Employers: Enhance your institution's banking relationships by providing "on-site" services. "On-site" banking can be perceived by employees as a company benefit without costs to the employer.

New Branch Openings: Open "on-site" before construction starts and get a jump on your competition. Start building sales while your permanent branch is under construction.

Eliminate Temporary Building Expenses: The average cost for a set up, removal, permitting and rental of a temporary building is +$45,000 per location. After just a few branches, the Mobile Branch would have paid for itself in savings.

Rolling Bill Board: Wherever the Mobile Branch travels, everyone will recognize and identify with your institution. Reinforces your name recognition in today's competitive market.

Weekend Sales Promotions: On the weekends, when the Mobile Branch doesn't serve as a branch, it can be utilized at special events for new account drives, credit card promotions or at automobile and boat shows.

Pay Day Over Crowding: On those days of the month, when your branches are over crowded, use the Mobile Branch.

Security and Communications

The security systems designed into mobile branches were designed by one of the largest bank security companies in the country. Additionally, the designs are continuously reviewed by our customers' security personnel and modified to their specific requirements.

Some of the security features built into our units are a dial up alarm system that communicates over cellular or landline, door contacts, PIR, motion detectors, double squeeze buttons, siren, tilt device, ignition lock out and security cameras. Global Positioning Systems and armor protection with BR windows are additionally available.

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