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MBF Service Approach

Service after the sale and delivery of your vehicle at MBF remains an important aspect of vehicle ownership because we realize that our vehicles are called upon for a myriad of tasks, in conditions from the deserts of the Middle East to the remote ranges of sub-Saharan Africa to the frozen winters of Northern Canada.

Operational readiness of a specialty vehicle is “purpose number one” for the purchase and intended use of our vehicles and being able to assist customers with parts replacement, locating service providers in the local markets of our respective customers and providing engineering guidance for fleet managers and repair facilities helps operators and support staff minimize down time and maintain operational readiness for their agencies.

MBF prides itself on customer access to engineering and design staff, technical support personnel and repair technicians by maintaining a live answer policy during business hours and on-call staff contact for after-hours and weekend issues. A customer with a vehicle issue can reach our electrical, integrated technology department, structural/mechanical engineers or parts department during normal business hours without having to be placed in to voice mail or a service request queue. This active response ensures that the issue is escalated and addressed in the fastest manner possible. For those wishing to take a less direct interaction, our website supports web form submissions for less critical inquiries in to operation questions, parts replacement and training requests.

MBF routinely performs service, refurbishment and repairs on vehicles owned by customers in our local market. Should repairs or technical support require the on-site attention of an MBF engineer, support staff or technician away from our Florida headquarters, MBF will undertake those travel arrangements to respond in person to assist customers with the repair and return to service of critical response vehicles. We understand that your down time impacts public service departments and agencies as well as the bottom line of private businesses with obligations to the communities and missions these vehicles serve. We have passport stamps from all over the globe to prove this level of service and training and can adapt to and assist with everything from re-training on a vehicle to complete refurb projects to overseeing large scale upgrades as technology systems become obsolete.

With direct channel access to owners, director level managers and design and engineering staff, MBF strives to provide an unparalleled service experience in support of highly technical and complex vehicle designs. By addressing issues directly for customers, working cooperatively with service providers in local markets to effect repairs following accidents and mishaps, bridging customers to trusted equipment suppliers on integrated systems installed in vehicles and maintaining a personal response oriented approach to keeping your vehicle on the road, MBF strives to match the quality of their lifetime body warranty with equally impressive service and warranty support.


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