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"Stretch Your Capital Budget Further"
Freightliner Municipal Lease
  • Up to 7 yrs. lease period with payments structured as monthly, quarterly or annual.
  • Should funding not be available in future years during the lease period, the contract may be cancelled without penalty and the vehicle returned.  May not be replaced by a like asset.
  • No penalty for early pay off if future grant funds are obtained during the last 24 mo. of lease.
  • At completion of the lease, the vehicle is owned by the municipality.
  • Communications, audio/video and other special equipment may be included with the total lease package.

All financing prices quoted are subject to final approval by Daimler Truck Financial (Freightliner). Quoted prices are established as “Rack Ready” prices including the chassis and conversion, before special equipment is added. Special equipment items may be included in total financing package. Finance Period: 7 yrs. with one annual payment .

Contact: John Baker, 407-323-9414;

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