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2010 FEMA Heavy Duty Mobile Command Center
New bloodmobile for Marsh Regional to assist Tri-Cities area's only locally based blood supplier
NBC CT Spotlight for Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union Mobile Branch
WOFL 2 17 15 Mobile Banks
MBF Industries, Inc. Medical Vehicle Women's Center for Radiology
Partners Mobile Branch Sneak Peek
Partners Mobile Branch Grand Opening



Why MBF Industries?

Ability to provide total ONE STOP - “Turn Key” solution to include design engineering, manufacturing, interoperability solution and integration

  • Custom designed vehicle & communications solution tailored to your specific requirements

“The Problem”

  • Inability of various departmental communication (smartphones, radio, video, VoIP, data) devices to communicate without major replacement of existing equipment
  • Existing solutions not designed for a mobile application

“Solution Requirements”

  • Enable interoperability without replacing existing equipment
  • Make it seamless to the end users
  • Provide a cost-effective, scalable solution
  • Utilize commercial products whereever possible
  • Support communications between LMR and other communications technologies
  • Utilize a standards based approach
  • Designed for a mobile application
  • Perform system management & monitoring of radio frequencies on demand

“The Challenge”

  • Connect communication equipment with varying quantities of devices and technologies
  • Configurations range from radio interoperability
  • Analog phone lines
  • VoIP phones
  • PC Workstations
  • Video capabilities
  • Call MBF Industries at 407.323.9414 to customize your specialty vehicle today!

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