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2010 FEMA Heavy Duty Mobile Command Center
New bloodmobile for Marsh Regional to assist Tri-Cities area's only locally based blood supplier
NBC CT Spotlight for Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union Mobile Branch
WOFL 2 17 15 Mobile Banks
MBF Industries, Inc. Medical Vehicle Women's Center for Radiology
Partners Mobile Branch Sneak Peek
Partners Mobile Branch Grand Opening


Little Rock Emergency Management

Freightliner M2-106, 39,000 lb. GVWR, 330HP, walk through cab, 20KW generator, forward slide out in operations area, conference room with (2) bench seats, (5) operations area workstations, hard surface counter tops, galley, equipment rack, restroom w/incinolet toilet, 48’ mast system, Kwik Raze lights, plasma w/Smartboard, exterior workstations, I/O, emergency light package, graphics, (4) A/C units, PBX, TracStar satellite w/DSS, Street Pilot, & weather station.

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Greenwood County Sheriff's Office

35,000 lb. GVWR, CAT 300HP, Freightliner M2 chassis with walk through cab, custom smooth side aluminum body, 20KW generator, rear slide out in conference room, I/O panel, exterior Access to Communications rack(2) Kwik Raze Lights, 30’ mast system, emergency lighting package, DVD recorder, 24 port patch, event clocks, integration of special equipment, Kenwood radios (3), suitcase dispatch, (3) 400 MHz radios, (7) phone lines, PBX, Forward Command Area: (4) workstations Common Area: restroom with shower, galley, Conference Room: Seating for (6) & slide out.

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Douglas County SWAT

Freightliner M2 chassis, 300HP MB engine, 33,000 lb. GVWR, pass through cab to body, (2) Command workstations, (15) SWAT positions, (2) gun storage cabinets, standing ceiling hand rails, lower bench seat storage, emergency light package, 15KW generator, rear exit doors, (1) side entrance door, Kwik Raze lights, roof observation platform, restroom, (2) roof A/C, 48’mast system & Nightscan light tower.

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Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

Freightliner M2 Chassis, 35,000 lbs. GVWR, 300HP, 36' OA length,  Modular Re-Mountable Aluminum Body, slide out in conference room, conference room to seat ten (10), bench seat in conference room and separate rear entrance/exit, four (4) operations positions, one (1) communications equipment rack, galley, map storage, I/O panel, 42’ mast with camera, roof observation platform, exterior workstation with white board, 2-32" LCD monitors, event clock, back up camera, 20KW generator, multi-purpose printer, awning, emergency light package.

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Brevard County Crime Lab

GMC chassis or equal, 26' 6" OA length, "Modular Re-mountable" aluminum body, 10KW generator, (2) forward workstations with (2) 21" LCD monitors and (1) 32" LCD with DVD, rear lab area with sink, white board, cyano fume chamber, fume hood, flammable safe, refrigerator, galley, roof storage box, exterior roll up doors curb and street sides, (2) A/C, (1) Kwik Raze light, awning, amplified TV antenna, emergency light package, custom paint and graphics.

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Annapolis Police Department

Freightliner M2, 335HP CAT, 35,000 lb. GVWR, 252” W.B., walk through cab, Modular Re-mountable aluminum body (2’x2”x16”O.C.x .125 skin), (2) slide outs, OPERATIONS AREA: (4) workstations with streetside slide out, COMMON AREA: electric toilet, galley with refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker, CONFERENCE ROOM: seating for eight (8), (1) scribe position, slide out, 42” Smartboard with plasma, 30’ mast with camera, roof observation platform, exterior workstation, weather station, emergency light package, 20KW generator, TracStar satellite system, (2) Kwik Raze lights, (1) equipment rack with exterior I/O panel , AWINS Interoperability Solution.

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Redstone Arsenal - MSS

Testing Lab:  GMC 5500 4x2, diesel, with MBF "Modular Re-Mountable" aluminum body, 16' 6" body, 25KW generator, (1) equipment rack with (1) forward workstation, (2) customer provided communication consoles, stabilizer jacks, (3) A/C, scene lighting and exterior awning.

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Orange County Sheriff's Office

Freightliner M2-112 chassis, 45’ O.A. Length, 410HP CAT, 54,000 lb. GVWR, Modular Re-Mountable Aluminum Body, 3 slide outs, 2-I/O panels, roof access ladder, 2 masts,  walk through cab with 2 cab workstations, rear curbside slide out in conference room, TracStar Satellite & Cisco Interoperability package, curbside forward logistics area, communications area w/ 4 stationary workstations, 4 communication racks, streetside forward logistics area: slide out, 3 workstations, plus conference. table to seat 4, total of 7 workstations, rear conference room with 2 slide outs, bench seat for 4 streetside, media officer & conference table to seat 6 rear conference room, media officer position forward.

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North Las Vegas Police Department

Freightliner M2-112, 54,000 lb. chassis, 410HP, walk through cab to body, custom smooth side body with (2) slide outs, 20KW generator, electric awning, stabilizers, restroom and galley, (5) A/C units, (10) interior & (2) exterior workstations, (4) equipment racks, (2) 42’ mast, emergency light package, Nightscan, 42” plasma w/Smartboard, TracStar sat. system, (6) 20” LCD, weather station, teleconferencing system, interactive whiteboard, (1) 32” LCD, PBX, 36” plotter, integration of special equipment.

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