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2010 FEMA Heavy Duty Mobile Command Center
New bloodmobile for Marsh Regional to assist Tri-Cities area's only locally based blood supplier
NBC CT Spotlight for Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union Mobile Branch
WOFL 2 17 15 Mobile Banks
MBF Industries, Inc. Medical Vehicle Women's Center for Radiology
Partners Mobile Branch Sneak Peek
Partners Mobile Branch Grand Opening


Arcata Police Department

 Freightliner M2-106 chassis, MBF "Modular Re-Mountable" Body, 36' 6.5" O/A length, (1) slide out, single axle, pass through cab to body, 15KW generator, (1) electric awning, I/O panel, stabilizer jacks, emergency light package, exterior graphics, roof access ladder, conference seating to fit (8), (4) interior workstations, (1) exterior workstation, (1) equipment rack, (1) mast, (3) 19" monitors, (2) interior electric heaters, clock, galley w/ refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, sink, overhead load center, (3) whiteboards, folding floor slide-out, apple ipad2, conference table w/ power, data, A/V, telco outlets, radio connection, foldout steps, exterior removable stainless work shelf, battery compartments, rack service, tank access, shore power input, 30amp night service, backup camera, rear entry/exit, fresh water fill, 12V DC and 120V AC outlets, multiple storage compartments, (2) 15,000 BTU HVAC w/ 5,600 BTU heat strips, exterior workstation w/ 32" LCD and 120 VAC outlets, pneumatic mast control station.

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Federal Protective Service LGMCV 1

International 7600 chassis, 56,000 GVWR, 40' OA length, MBF Modular re-mountable body, (2) slide outs, tandem axle, walk through cab to body access, 20KW generator, (2) awnings, I/O panel, stabilizer jacks, emergency light package, exterior graphics, roof access ladder, conference room to sit (7), (6) workstations, galley w/ refrigerator, microwave, sink and coffee maker, (3) equipment racks, 1.2M satellite, DSS, (2) pneumatic masts, 46" interactive display, connection trench power/data/telco/vga/usb w/ removable cover, interactive display control on conference table, white board, (2) exterior display compartments, exterior rack service, pocket door conference room entry, (4) dual LCD monitors, overhead cabinets and load center in slide outs, removable conference table, gun cabinet MK4, (2) 26" LCD monitors, fold out steps w/ hand rail, 2.5 gallon electric water heater, custom lighting, VTR camera, smart IP phones, video matrix switch, 15,000 BTU roof A/C, (2) exterior 46" display monitors, exterior surveillance cameras, aerodynamic fairing, exterior tank access, factory extended front bumper (4"), exterior storage, battery compartment, tank access, air system access, siren speaker, back up camera, fresh water fill, class v hitch w/ connector, (2) diesel heater roof storage box.

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Westchester County PD

 Freightliner M2-106 chassis, 330 HP, 38' OA length, 41,000 GVWR, (3) slide outs, single axle, pass through cab to body, MBF re-mountable body, 20KW generator, electric awning, I/O panel, stabilizer jacks, emergency light package, roof access ladder, conference seating to fit (10), (2) workstations, galley, (2) equipment racks, .96M satellite, DSS, 30' mast,  36,000 BTU HVAC unit, (6) LCD screens, conference tech ports, 15" interactive display, digital PBX, (2) removable tables, (3) white boards, (2) slide out windows, fax/copy/scan, flashlights, microwave receiver, handheld radio charger, 30 amp Hubble, ext. storage compartment, ext. rack access, compressor, trailer hitch, ext. battery compartment, ext. 32" LCD monitor, custom paint & graphics.

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Rochester PD SWAT

International 4400 chassis, 33' 2" O/A length, modular re-mountable body, 7.5 KW generator, electric awning, emergency light package, (4) gun cabinets, (2) rechargeable flashlights, fold-up bench seat, large interior and exterior storage cabinets, roof access ladder, admin workstation, 26" exterior LCD compartment, charging station, sniper rifle slide out trays, fire extinguisher, whiteboards, day box w/ full extension slide, roll door housings, wall heater, roof A/C w/ heat, fold out steps w/ handrail, remote control spotlight, antenna platform, breaching tool storage, shield storage, ballistic blanket, battery compartment, siren speaker, 3rd eye backup camera, custom trailer hitch, pike pole and extension ladder storage, custom paint and graphics.

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Rochester PD EOD

 International 7400 chassis, 35,000 GVWR, 31' 3" OA length, modular re-mountable body, 12 KW generator, electrical awning, I/O panel, emergency light package,  overhead cabinets, eod robot ready, fold down bench seats, refrigerator, (2) roll up doors, roof access ladder, (2) workstations, (2) A/C w/ heater, TV antenna, remote control spot light, battery compartment, exterior storage slide out tray, tow package, back up camera, electrical load center, LCD monitor, removable exterior stainless shelf, custom paint and graphics.

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Rochester PD DIVE

 International 4400 chassis, 33' OA length, modular re-mountable body, pass through cab to body, 7.5 KW generator, (2) awnings, emergency light package,(5) storage compartments, workstation, diesel heater, removable stools with additional stool sockets, floor drains, electric heater, clock, electric winch, powered roof vent, spot light, exterior access to tanks/fins, trailer hitch, custom paint and graphics.

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Saratoga Springs Fire Department

Ford F550 crew cab chassis, modular re-mountable body, emergency light package, 80" 2,000 watt command light, scuba tanks, cast products fenderette, diamond plate running boards and body, ground light, electrical load center, cable reel, space for brooms, stokes basket, shovels and ladders, siren/speakers, 96" deep compartment, tow hooks, hitch.

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The Blood Center of Central Texas

Freightliner M2-106 chassis, 26,000 lb. GVWR, Modular Re-Mountable Aluminum Body, 40' OA length, (2) 20KW generators, (4) A/C, (4) bed with windows at each, (1) electrical awning, pass through cab to body, stabilizer jacks, exterior scene lights, galley, (1) 32" LCD, cooler storage w/ slide out trays, O/H cabinets, fold out steps w/ handrails, rear view camera, (4) roof A/Cs w/ heat and granch guard, aerodynamic fairing, DVD player, cellular amp.

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North Miami Beach PD

Freightliner M2-106 chassis, 330Hp diesel, 35,000 lb. GVWR, 36’ 7” OA length, “Modular Re-Mountable” body, (2) slide outs, pass through cab to body, (4) forward workstations, (1) equipment rack, galley, rear area conference room to seat (9) and logo on conference table, Wilsonart “hard surface” counters, bench seating located in rear slide out, (2) event clocks, (1) 46” LCD, (3) 32” LCD, I/O panel, emergency light package, 42’ mast system, whiteboards, 20KW generator, electric awning with logo, roof mounted Command Light, (3) A/C, DSS with (2) receivers, stabilizer jacks, off air antenna, DVD recorder, Wifi and GPS.

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California Emergency Management 2

Freightliner M2-112 chassis, 58,000 lb. GVWR, tandem axle, 350HP, 40'OA length, "Modular Re-Mountable" body, (4) slide outs, FORWARD AREA: (6) workstations with center removable work table, walk through cab, REAR AREA: (6) workstations with center removable work table, storage closet CENTER AREA: (3) equipment racks, galley, 42" plasma with smartboard, (8) 19" LCDs, (1) exterior mounted 42" monitor in a compartment, (2) event clocks, 20KW, emergency light package, electric awning, (4) roof A/C units, (4) roof mounted antenna rails with provisions for (20) antenna, 1.2M SAT, DSS, I/O panel, (4) Kwik Raze light towers, 42' mast system with camera, stabilizer jacks, Zico roof access ladder, Off air antenna, integration of audio, video and communication equipment, custom paint and graphics.

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